Welcome to Rotenburg Guitar Week! ■ ■ ■ from 28.07 bis 05.08. 2018

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Registration for 2018 is closed. The next Rotenburger Guitar Week will take place from July 27 to August 4, 2019.

Registration for the Rotenburg Guitar Week 2018

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Course order

Standard course means 3 lesson of 40 minutes each by the choosen instructors.

Intensive course offers 6 lessons.

On top you can join chamber music groups, guitar orchestra, concerts, workshops etc...etc....


You can enter here your pieces, you probably want to study at our course week. Or enter your pieces of your repertoire, so that we can find the best place for you in guitar orchestra and chamber music.


Instructor preferences
You are free to choose any combination of teachers. Please note that while we will always try to accommodate your wishes whenever possible, we reserve the right to make changes, since scheduling conflicts can occur at the last minute. Therefore, we ask you to choose at least two instructors. If you do not have any preferences, we will choose instructors for you. Also remember that students are welcome to swap lessons/teachers amongst themselves during the week.

Accommodation and Food

You can stay in our dormitory house (shared rooms) for 90 EUR for the complete week. (Subject to change)

You can stay in a private room or board/hotel for about 25-40 EUR each night.

You can book without accommodation, if you want to stay by your own.


We offer regular diet and vegetarian. If you need other diet, write us more details in "additonal message..."
For all meals we charge 160 EUR for the whole week. (Subject to alteration)



The registration is only valid with payment of the registration fee of 50 EUR. The registration fee will be deducted from the course fee.

You can pay by an international money transfer. The bank details you will see after submitting this application and we will send also an email of confirmation with account no. Please send the funds free of any charges on our side!

Paying by Paypal is possible after submitting the registration. The button you will see after submitting this application.

Conditions of particiaption see here

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