rotenburg guitar festival

8 days masterclass and festival for guitar

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 28, 2024

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Our instructors 2024

Kristina Vårlid (NOR)

Kristina Vårlid
Picture: Damiano Rosa

Guitarist Kristina Vårlid from Norway will be a guest at the Rotenburg Guitar Week for the first time. Despite her young age, she can already look back on an impressive international concert career and took over the university class of the Prince Claus Conservatoire in Groningen at the age of just 24.

Pavel Steidl (CZ)

Pavel Steidl comes from the Czech Republic and is an internationally sought-after concert guitarist. One of his specialties is the historically correct performance of guitar literature from the 19th century.
Like no other, he knows how to convey musical wit and depth in equal measure - both as an artist and as a teacher.
He has been a popular guest at the Rotenburg Guitar Week for many years.

Nicola Yasmin Stock

Nicola Yasmin Stock
Picture: studioline Wuppertal

Nicola Yasmin Stock studied classical guitar with Professor Gerhard Reichenbach at the Cologne University of Music and Dance in Wuppertal. She is a multiple prize winner of several national and international competitions and has been the artistic director of the Rotenburg Guitar Week since the fall of 2022, in which she has participated for many years.

Julius Ebert

Julius Ebert

Julius Ebert studied guitar with Prof. Jürgen Ruck and orchestral conducting with Prof. Ari Rasilainen in Würzburg. He has extensive experience especially in chamber music and orchestral playing and discovered the Rotenburg Guitar Week in 2019.

What a magic place!

"What a magic place!" once said Luis Molina (Cuba). And because that's how it is, everyone is welcome - from beginners to professionals of all ages.

We live in a small but charming Landheim (dormitory) in a small village in northern Germany. An enchanting place in the middle of a small forest. Here you immediately relax, forget the rest of the world and enjoy a week of guitar with good friends like in a big family.
Here you will find detailed information about the course: more

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The Rotenburg Guitar Week is organized by the "Förderkreis der Rotenburger Gitarrewochen e.V.". You can support our work with a donation: here

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