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Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Arrival


Arrival by car
Address: Landheim Ahausen, Verdener Weg 18, 27367 Ahausen: Landheim Ahausen, Verdener Weg 18, 27367 Ahausen.
In Ahausen the "Verdener Weg" leaves the main street. Follow the sign with the sign of the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche on the traffic island.

Arrival by train
Railway station is Rotenburg (Wümme) on the railway line Hamburg - Bremen
The course participants and guests of the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche can be picked up by us by car. Please email post@rotenburger-gitarrenwoche with your arrival time before the course starts.

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Important addresses

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Important addresses

During the course week:
Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche
Landheim Ahausen
Verdener Weg 18
27367 Ahausen, GERMANY


Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Concerts in Ahausen

Concerts in Ahausen
St. Marienkirche zu Ahausen
Hauptstraße 18
27367 Ahausen

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Concerts in Rotenburg

Konzerte in Rotenburg
Gerberstr. 16
27356 Rotenburg (Wümme)

When do we start?

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: When do we start

The course starts on Saturday about 5 o'clock with the coffee drinking. At 6 o'clock we make a welcome round, there it would be great, if all are there. And at 8 o'clock we will meet for a first reading rehearsal in the guitar orchestra. On Sunday the individual lessons begin.
On the last day, Sunday, we have an internal final concert and the final round around 10:30 am. So departure is then from approx. 12 o'clock.

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Do not forget

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Do not forget

Guitar (!), music stand and footstool with names, writing materials, notes, weatherproof (and warm?) clothes and shoes, swimwear and bed linen (can also be borrowed for a small fee).

Concert clothes

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Concert clothes

All participants will perform as guitar orchestras of the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche during the International Summer Concerts. Therefore we ask for concert clothes: black (or dark) trousers and white (or light) top. However, tailcoats, tuxedos and long evening dresses might be slightly overdressed ;-)

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