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Rotenburg Guitar Festival 2023: Masterclass

Master class sounds impressive. With us it is one-to-one tuition in which everyone can work out their individual wishes, interests and questions with our instructors. We adapt to all playing levels from almost-beginners to professionals and to every age group. In the standard course you receive 3 lessons, so that you have enough time to practice in between. But you can also book an intensive course with 6 lessons. And afterwards everyone sits together eating and drinking - and that's what we call a festival.
Information about our instructors this year.

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Chamber music

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Chamber music

Besides that, making music together is important to us. The ideal place to meet and rehearse with guitar friends. We prepare the chamber music: from Renaissance dance to Tico Tico to demanding compositions, everything is included. Beginners can also join in and for students it is an event to play together with Thomas Müller-Pering or guest lecturers in a group. Here you can see some groups on Youtube.

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Guitar orchestra

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Guitar orchestra

Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, young or old, amateur or professional - music can bring everyone together. In the evening we rehearse together in the guitar orchestra and present our work in a public concert. What glamorous concerts have we not already had: Villa-Lobos with soprano, Bartok with violin or composed especially for us: Moin Moin by Nikita Koshkin or Antigo Carnavais by and with Celso Machado and and... here an example on Youtube

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Our guide lines (2)

We exchange opinions wisely and prudently with each other
We exchange opinions wisely and prudently with each other

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Our other offers


Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Workshops

In the afternoon we offer workshops on various topics: New sheet music editions, testing notation programs, teaching methods, body training and perception, playing techniques... The offer is varied and sometimes we ourselves are surprised, because participants spontaneously offer an exciting topic.


Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Accommodation

There are 2-4-bed rooms in the dormitory that correspond to youth hostel standards. They are quite small and simple, but the beds are good and the accommodation costs - including food - are unbeatable.
Alternatively, we can arrange private rooms, some in the vicinity, so that you can walk through the small, charming village. Some rooms can be reached by bicycle or car.  Also these rooms are usually 30 - 60 EUR/night cheaper than hotels or guesthouses.


Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Exhibitions

Have a rest once! No lessons, no workshop or activities. A free day and open doors - then the exhibitors come and everyone can watch (and buy) guitar sheet music and try out guitars from renowned guitar builders.


Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Lodging

The delicious food comes directly from the village of Café Kränzchen. There is still kitchen service, but with our good kitchen fairy Helga everything goes really fast. And it is fun to make breakfast, coffee and dinner together with others on one day during the guitar week. The rest of the week can be enjoyed even better.
The self-catering also has an advantage: we can go to the kitchen whenever we want, make tea, snack some fruit or make soup quickly if a visitor comes late in the evening. The kitchen is often the most popular meeting place.