rotenburg guitar festival

8 days masterclass and festival for guitar

Saturday, July 31 - Sunday, August, 08, 2021

What a magic place!

"What a magic place!" once said Luis Molina (Cuba). And because that's how it is, everyone is welcome - from beginners to professionals of all ages.

We live in a small but charming Landheim (dormitory) in a small village in northern Germany. An enchanting place in the middle of a small forest. Here you immediately relax, forget the rest of the world and enjoy a week of guitar with good friends like in a big family.
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Our instructors 2021

Máximo Diego Pujol

Rotenburg Guitar Festival 2019: Jozsef Eötvös

Pujol studied guitar with Alfredo Vicente Gascón and Abel Carlevaro. While studying at the Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music "Juan José Castro" Máximo also took composition lessons with Leonídas Arnedo. In addition, he played tangos and milongas in the nightclubs of Buenos Aíres.
Today the compositions of Máximo Diego Pujol are performed all over the world and he is a welcome guest at the most prestigious international festivals and for the first time a guest of the Rotenburger Guitar Week.

Liying Zhu

Rotenburg Guitar Festival 2020: Liying Zhu
Foto: (c) Peizhang Jiang

Liying Zhu was admitted to the class of China's leading guitar teacher Chen Zhi at the age of 11 in Beijing. In 2013-15 she completed her master's degree with Prof. Alfred Eickholt at the University of Music and Dance Cologne / Wuppertal and completed her concert exam there in 2018.
In 2014/15 Liying Zhu took four first places in international competitions, i.a. "International Twents Gitaar Concours" (Netherlands) and "Koblenz International Guitar Competition" (Germany).
Since then, she has performed successfully as a soloist and with various chamber music ensembles in many countries in Asia, Europe, South America and the USA. In 2015, Liying Zhu made her debut at Carnegie Hall in New York.
In Rotenburg she is also for the first time and will give a concert and teach.

Jessica Kaiser

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Lorenzo Micheli 2019

Jessica Kaiser is one of the most interesting guitarists of the young generation and has successfully completed many major competitions. She studied with Thomas Müller-Pering at the Academy of Music Weimar and now with Paolo Pegoraro at the University of Graz (Austria). She is also a passionate chamber musician and performs numerous concerts in duo with violinist Johanna Ruppert and in guitar duo with Jakob Schmidt.
Two years ago she was a guest of the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche, thrilled the audience in the prizewinner concert and convinced the participants with her profound lessons. We are very happy that she is our guest again.

Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann

Rotenburg Guitar Festival: Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann
Foto: Ilya Zdanovski

 Together with Dirk Lemmermann, Hans Wilhelm Kaufmann is the director of the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche. In 1982 he founded the Rotenburger Gitarrenwochen together with Grant Gustafson. He teaches at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. Due to his many years of experience in chamber music and conducting, his lessons are primarily characterized by musical interpretation.

Elke Köllmann

Elke Köllmann studied guitar and elementary music pedagogy at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Köln (Department Wuppertal) and special education at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen. In her many years of practice, she has led numerous music groups, ensembles and projects of various formats and now brings her experience in the supervision of chamber music groups to the Guitar Week.

Koki Fujimoto

Koki Fujimoto3 (c)Tetsutaro Matayoshi
Foto: (c)Tetsutaro Matayoshi

Koki Fujimoto was born in Tokyo. At the age of three he started to learn guitar. He has been taught by Noboru Muraji, Tomonori Arai, Kiyoshi Shomura and Tsuneo Ema. In 2016, his CD titled "Guitar works by Toru Takemitsu" dedicated to Toru Takemitsu was published. As a composer, he participated in the lessons of Miyuki Shiozaki, Sho Ueda and Sunao Isaji. He received conducting lessons from Masayuki Honda. Now he is studying at the Musikhochschule Köln under Professor Ansgar Krause.
In 2019 he won the 1st prize at the highly demanding International Guitar Competition Heinsberg and will design this year's prizewinner concert.

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Breaking News

Here we present our lecturers 2020 in a digital concert:


Live from  Sunday, 26 July, 20:00 with Jessica Kaiser, Koki Fujimoto, Liying Zhu and Máximo Diego Pujol.

The concert of Lorenzo Micheli from the Rotenburger Gitarrenwoche 2019 will be broadcast by Radio Bremen 2 on Sun, June 28th from 22: 05-24: 00. Then you can hear it in the media library.


The Rotenburg Guitar Week is organized by the "Förderkreis der Rotenburger Gitarrewochen e.V.". You can support our work with a donation: here

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